Dos –

Dos is the audio from a duo improvisation for a live video session at Conquista Records in San José, Costa Rica that took place on January 11, 2018. It is intended to be a two-part live video of the recording session (the first part of this video recording session is Uno which has also been submitted as part of the portfolio). The video (which is unfortunately not finished or available yet) is being produced by Costa Rican videographer Rafael Castro. The recording engineer for the session was Jorge Noguera and Armando Gonzalez handled the mixing and mastering, I co-produced with Armando and was also in charge of organizing the session and composing the melodic themes to which the improvisations would be based. The session was done in a duo format with Armando Gonzalez on computer controlled by Monome Grid and myself on Guitar and Guitar Synthesizer. For this session Armando was using the monome grid as a sequencer for a drum rack hosted in Ableton

Uno – Live Session from Conquista Records. January 11, 2018. Featuring Armando Gonzalez on laptop and monomeVII –

VII is an experimental and improvised piece for guitar trio done live at a recording studio in late November of 2017. I had the pleasure of being one of the main performers and assisting with the recording setup. Besides myself on guitar and synthesizer the trio features Evan Eubanks on drums, and Armando Gonzalez on computer utilizing custom looping devices made on Max/MSP which he controlled via a Monome Grid. The recording engineer for the session was colombian Berklee Student Miguel Barriga assisted by also Berklee Student Franky Gonzalez. Before entering the studio we had no conception of what was going to happen. The inspiration behind this session was to test out Armando’s looping device, and its integration with live improvising musicians. We did agree on the term “arrival” as being the theme for the take.

Part II –  from Janek Gwizdala’s “Recording in the rain forest – Vlog #115 Mar 24th 2017”


Yellow Dress is an original composition of mine based on the 12 bar-blues form. This iteration of it is a live performance by my main band and project “Maës.” This was recorded in audio and video by Armando Gonzalez (who edited the video and mixed the audio as well) in early April 2017 before I developed my guitar synthesizer system. However by this time I was already trying to create a live improvisational band that incorporated an electronic aesthetic and used electronic instruments and systems.