Julian Picado is a 23 year-old producer, composer, guitarist, electronic artist and live musician from San José Costa Rica. In 2017 he obtained his dual-bachelor degree in Guitar Performance & Professional Music from Berklee College of Music

“I’ve always been interested in communication. The way we say things, what we say, what we do while saying it, etc… Music is my form of communication because there are no words to obscure the meaning of what I want to express. There’s only sound, the emotions become physical, and there’s no reading between the lines. It’s honest. All you have to do is LISTEN.” – Julian Picado

As a leader Julian has performed with different iterations of his band in New York, Los Angeles, Boston Mexico City, Miami, and Costa Rica. Additionally he has recorded and produced 4 EP’s of original music that showcase his interest in various genres of music, and the synthesis of them.

He’s had the opportunity to play with Berklee Professor John Funkhouser on one of his visits to Costa Rica. He has also performed with bass player Janek Gwizdala at a Masterclass held in San José. In the summer of 2015, Julian had the opportunity to perform with Ecuador metal artist Igor Icaza.

Julian has studied with acclaimed musicians such as Tiger Okoshi, Jon Damian, Tim Miller and John Baboian. Additionally he’s taken lessons with Bob Moses, Tony MacAlpine and Nir Felder.

He cites an eclectic variety of artists as his influences. These include but are not limited to: Autechre, Bill Frisell, The Police, Mark Guiliana, Alessandro Cortini, Jason Lindner,  Janek Gwizdala and Brad Mehldau.